Techy a noob :P

    Hey basically just got a new hdtv tv (LG32LB75), and want to connect my xbox 360 to it.
    So i have the xbox pro, but not hdmi cable, however my av cable has the normal av plus 3 other inputs, red green and blue!

    My question is which ones do i use, my tv has 5 inputs, but with the normal 3 and the extra 3 which one do i leave out, i left the white out at first cos it wasn't on the colour coded inputs on the back, but then i had no sound, so i put the white in for a red one on the normal avcable and the sound is back.

    Just wandered if anyopne could help!


    I believe you're referring to component - basically you leave out the yellow cable when connecting it to your TV.

    In a little more detail, component consists of Red, Green and Blue for video then Red and White for audio which makes five in total. The Xbox cable combines this with composite which is just one Yellow connector for video and then the same red and white connection for audio.


    I think you leave the yellow one out. The red and white in the same set of 3 (composite) will carry L and R audio, whilst the other set of 3 (component - red, green and blue?) will carry the video signal.

    Edit: John said it more eloquently!

    Original Poster

    Yeh thanks lads, anyone else know any good settings or knows assasins creed well, i got a mission but was last night and i have forgot where to look and they won't tell me again lol

    There's another setting for best preformance, if you go into your 360s system blade and goto the screen properties change your resolution and stuff to if you lcds 1080p etc im just going on what my 42" is, just make sure you chose the right one for best viewing,
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