Techy question in regards to the Pogoplug and Squeezebox Server

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Found 13th Nov 2010
I was looking at buying the Pogoplug in order to run Squeezebox Server on it.

However, looking at the site, it states the following:

"NOTE: The Perl built for OpenPogo does not currently work with the ARM builds of Squeezebox Server. The instructions below are just notes at how to get a fail. Folks have had better luck with on the SheevaPlug hardware. See: SheevaPlug Installation guide."


"NOTE: Here's where it goes bad for me with an Illegal Instruction. Andy noted that the OpenPogo build of Perl does not have threads built for it, so the built modules won't work. See…cgi?id=14757"

This makes absolutely no sense to me... can someone explain?

Many thanks!…lug

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In laymans terms, it means it won't work without one hell of a lot of hastle. I would suggest reposting to the squeebox forums (put those two words into google), as they contain a significant number of technical people fully conversant with the software, and more than likely you'll find someone there who is also interested in getting it to work.

Why not try the Shivaplug instead? That definately works.
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