techy tv question

    If a tv has a usb port, as in the cheapy sainsbury's one below for example, can i connect an ipod touch to it and play the nusic/vids off it?

    Or do I have to get a tv with a dedicated ipod dock?

    link below - bear in mind my tech knowledge is minimal so no laughing.



    Provide connection possibilities to other devices with USB ports, eg iPod
    - bikerjodie


    Provide connection possibilities to other devices with USB ports, eg iPod

    if you click on the ? at the usb, it shows the above info, so i would say yes, it will play your Ipod
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    thanks v.m. for reply- bit confusing for a untechy like me.

    Like Bikerjodie pointed out it should read your ipod but with two caveats:
    1. When Itunes transfers music to an ipod it renames it to a random set of letters and then puts it into a random hidden folder. So as long as the television can see hidden folders you will be able to navigate through the folder structure
    2. Having passed caveat one your television must be able to understand the file format whether it be mp3, mp4, aac, or wave.
    If it passes these Caveats then you will be able to play the music on your ipod but as single tracks rather than albums.
    On a side note if you store your music on an external hard drive then you would only have Caveat 2 to worry about and you would be able to play the tracks by Folder/Album
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