Posted 16th Jan
Anyone bought from tecobuy before? all feedback is welcome. cheers
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AndyRoyd16/01/2020 23:07

Jan 2019 https://www.hotukdeals.com/comments/permalink/36810194

Mixed then
David_Southall16/01/2020 23:54

Mixed then

Similar MO to EGC which is currently suspended from HUKD, and uses very similar terminology to EGC. Could ramble a lot but semi-succintly:
based in Hong Kong;
doesn't accept direct credit card payment so no route to enforce any consumer protection in UK; effectively no warranty, unless you wish to have your busted goods amble back to the "TB Technician Team" in HK and have no method to enforce its return, be it still busted or fixed (but probably goes missing anyway);
accepts PayPal payment only, so still no warranty, and still no way to enforce UK-based purchase protection.
The most similar term to EGC: if your order goes missing / is damaged en route, you should / could / may / might / won't receive the courier's standard compensation, which one HUKD member discovered was £10 after throwing £225 at EGC for an ipad that the UK courier apparently lost (very dull 10+ page recent thread kicking around HUKD somewhere).
General rule of thumb with foreign merchants: aim to qualify for S75 legally enforceable UK-based protection by only considering spending over £100 on any one item, and have the accountholder of a UK credit card pay the merchant directly via the merchant's own payment gateway using that card, not via PayPal or other payment intermediary. If the buyer cannot meet those two simple requirements, any pre or post delivery issues may be difficult to easily resolve.
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