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Found 16th Dec 2017
Really struggling, he's 14, she's 13....

bought him smart GPS watch, Bluetooth cans, an xbox game, a bluetooth beanie and a couple of dvds

Bought her am acoustic guitar, mermaid sofa blanket, bt beanie, and some dvds.

The guitar makes her stuff look twice as much as his, the GPS watch is small but just about the same cost.

They haven't asked for anything, modern kids don't need physical stuff as they're always on their electronic devices...

At their age I'd get loads of presents, mainly stocking fillers...but what are stocking fillers for teens these days?

I'd really appreciate any ideas, starting to panic.
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If they are like the young teens around here a set of cycle lights (I presume they have bikes ) each would be good .

It seems " uncool" round here for the kids to have lights on their bikes .

Dark nights , kids on their "lightless " bikes checking their phones , speeding drivers - its only a question of time before they meet - worries me
Or how about one of those phone /computer tool sets off Amazon (with all the strange mini screwdrivers etc) . They may enjoy taking apart old laptops /phones .

I used to love getting tool sets when I was a kid - although they were of the more chunky variety in those days
Sounds like you have got them both lovely presents.

Scarf and gloves set
Touch screen gloves
Vouchers for favourite shop
Any hobbies? Baking, Crafts? You might be able to find a few gadgets.
could get them some açtivity vouchers - do they like ten pin bowling, trampoling, cinema vouchers etc.
Maybe some tips from what my 14 year old niece asked for. She moaned everyone always bought her some makeup but forgot about makeup brushes/tools.

Bath Bombs (or basically anything from Lush lol)
Music Subscription (can make a gift for both of them to use a family sub - get something out of it for yourself also lol)
Play Store/iTunes gift card.
Cinema vouchers
Coffee shop voucher/card. (always meets friends in our local Starbucks before heading to the cinema)
Cheap earphones (she doesn't always like taking her good ones out) especially if she leaving in changing rooms etc.
She also liked going out for "Afternoon tea" so got her voucher for Patisserie Valerie, also means another part gift for yourself also lol.

She also actually asked for stuff for school, like Cath Kidston pencil case, hole punch, ring binder.
Again school related Canterbury bottoms for Hockey and some more skins/base layers.
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EOS Lip Balm
Pandora Ring/Earrings
Gift card for favourite shop - I've been asked for Top Shop, Amazon and JD Sports
Xbox Gift Card
Next Fragrance Sets - my boys love the Ice White/Code Red/Extreme Blue
Cosy Socks
Sherpa Blanket
Stikbots Zanimation Studio
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