Teenage blackmailer makes 90k from sex line

    A 19 year old from Edinburgh has pled guilty to running a blackmail scheme from his flat,running a gay chatline,he would put on one voice and lure callers into talking about underage sex and then,in another voice claim to be the chatline monitor,and demand cash from his victims otherwise he would play the tapes to their families,friends and the police.

    As he was remanded in custody at court he screamed "these men are all ******* paedophiles,why is it me sitting here and not them?

    and they say young people have no get up and go-he should have pitched his idea on dragons den.



    poor chap. Good on him.

    lol.. is this for real??!

    you've got a clever boy there Barky

    Ha ha bloody pervs lol

    *must remember 1471 when calling numptyj with late night heavy breathing calls
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