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    My friend didn't realise their car insurance policy from esure (bought in April) excluded drivers under 21. Her 19 year old daughter has just passed her driving test and she wants to add her to her cover for when she is home from uni only, but obviously esure won't add her because she's too young.
    Is there another way to get insurance for the daughter? Can she have her own policy for her mums car or should my friend cancel her insurance with esure (£55 admin charge!) and look elsewhere? Any ideas please?
    Thanks for any help


    You can't run two policies on one car

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    Thanks, that's what I thought

    Drive like a girl is great for young drivers, not restricted to girls either!


    You can't run two policies on one car

    of corse you can.

    just if there's an 'incident' the insurers will squabble over who's to liable and to what extent as both will be liable for 3rd party damage under the road traffic act.

    then there's the whole issue of declaring if your the legal owner etc which the majority of insurers ask and wont quote if you say no, it usually means having to go through a specialist broker
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    I doubt you'd get any reasonable quote for a 19 year old to drive, purely down tom the fact they have a greater risk of causing damage to theirs or others property

    there's a reason a 19 year old will get quotes in the thousands.

    I got my 18 year old daughter full cover on a 4 litre S type Jaguar the day she passed As a named driver with my 15 years no claims bonus i got a good price from Admiral multicar policy she's collecting her no claims bonus as a named driver on my policy. and she can drive my other car as a named driver.
    she can only use the no claims discount if she stays and insures with any of Admiral's sister companies.

    so not a real ncd then is it if you can't shop around afterwards...

    4 litre V8, 18yrs.. no price given for this cuz ur too embarrassed to say. Troll off?
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