Teeny tiny bugs in my screen

    I call them thunder bugs, I don't know if that's their proper name. They are tiny, narrow bugs that crawl on your skin when you go outside. Somehow they have made their way INTO my LCD monitor. I can squish them if I press really hard, but then there's a dead bug in my monitor. There's about three now, running randomly about all over my windows. How did they get in, and how do I get them out? It's like having a weird screensaver bug effect while I'm actually trying to do stuff.


    Pretty sure there attracted by the light, if you shut it down they should come out themselves(I think).

    This happens every summer, it's so irritating! most crawl out again but some die and stay there. All you can really do is make sure the monitor isn't in front of an open window as they seem to get in through the vents at the back. I had a couple in one so pulled it apart and cleaned it, cant put up with having little black dots in the screen.

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    Ah, it's right by the open patio doors. We need the fresh air from the back as the front is all BIG windows and it gets so HOT! How did you take it apart - just unscrew? I'll have a look when I've finished tonight.

    I only took it apart because I bought a new one so had nothing to lose really, I wouldn't advise doing it if it's under warranty. There were multiple layers which needed removing, starting with the bezel around the edge, which clipped off with a bit of persuasion from a guitar plectrum. As Ashley said, try turning the monitor off first (if they aren't dead) as they are attracted to the light so hopefully they will crawl out.

    I had one about 2 years ago (search and you will probably find the post!) I made the mistake of flicking the screen and therefore squashing it onto the screen for eternity.

    Quite a novel pet I thought.

    you need to get hold of some lady thunder bugs - works a treat, unless your thunder bugs are gay.
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