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Found 23rd Mar
Dose anyone know what it cost for zoom teeth whitening and if it’s worth it how long dose it take would love any comments good or bad please
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Might be worth looking at this Thread and contacting some of the members by pm for their experience and knowledge
You need to be a bit more specific, do you mean Zoom laser treatment or the zoom take home kit?
If you mean the in surgery treatment then it can give really nice results. It’s a bit more expensive than take home kits but great if your need a quick fix or can’t be bothered whitening at home, although you still will need to for a few nights. The treatment itself takes a little over an hour.
Where I work take home kits are more affordable at almost £200 less and can give just as nice results but it takes 2-3weeks depending on sensitivity levels and original shade. There are some systems which guarantee a specific end result, eg Enlighten.
Also you probably already know only natural enamel will whiten, any crowns, veneers, filling will not.
Hope that helps
One of the girls at work was getting married and went to this place, she said it was well worth the money

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