Tefal quick cup kettle

    Cheepest i have found is amazon £49.99 anyone found cheeper?


    4p cheaper on firebox, now sold out

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    very helpful!

    you didn't ask for helpful you asked if anyone has found it cheaper. I did :p:w00t:

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    Ah but amazon is free p&p! lol


    so is firebox i have 2 free delivery codes! haha

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    alright you can have a gold star but they are sold out so you need to make coffee for me until they are back in stock

    I've just had a quick scout around, amazon looks cheapest for in-stock.

    What are peoples opinions on this kettle? i was thinking of getting one but of the three people i know have them, two have returned them. Apparently not getting hot enough?

    Ours gets hot enough fast enough, the only thing I find is that it is louder than I would have liked.
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