Tefal Quickcup

    hot water in 3 seconds, save 65% of electricity bills etc etc

    details of the product are here

    its £49.99 on amazon and on the currys website.

    but i want it cheaper. anyone know of a cheaper retailer or some discount codes. its also on the comet, argos and john lewis website but £59.99

    cheers in advance.


    Dixons are out of stock at the moment but they offer free delivery and discount of 5% using code TEFA1 at checkout. This makes it £47.99 according to the website.

    I saw the adverts for the first time on TV last night and thought it looked great - After reading the reviews on Amazon though I think I'll leave it a while before buying, if I buy at all.

    Allow me to bump this back up, as i've been looking for a kettle and have come accross this, unable to find cheaper than £49.99 - c'mon people there must be a way of getting this cheaper?

    Thanks in advance :thumbsup:

    Littlewoods has a £30 code at the mo... It's £69 before the code, so it takes it down to £39. You can try some of the other codes too and see if they work.

    Plus 6% Quidco = £4.14. So about £35 (not sure about delivery).

    £39ish in Costco.

    59.97 from tesco direct and using Promotional Code: tdrx-bbtdl

    can get 10% aff

    these have had terrible reviews, have a look on amazon, it may make you think twice - it did with me.

    Yeh my partner wants to know about this,if it seriously does boil,he saw ad on tv today.I'm hoping he doesn't want one,we only had bought us a new kettle at Xmas.
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