Tekkies etc. Can I replace this bulb with an LED?

    We are going camping next week and have bought a few coloured lanterns to go outside. They run on 2 AAA batteries and have old technology small filament bulbs (pictured). Could I buy new LED bulbs for these - I've had a look on 'the bay' but can't find anything suitable.

    Your help would be most appreciated.


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    Probably best to contact the manufacturer and make sure, but it looks like a small Edison fitment, and they do make LEDs with those.

    If you can't find the correct LED Bulb, you'd need to find an LED that will run from 3V (or 2.4V if the batteries are rechargable), or other LEDs of a lower voltage with a resistor in place.

    Then there's the fact you'd need to create a base for it to fit.

    To be honest, I'd just go and buy the filament bulb...
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    At 5 quid a pop, you're as well getting a regular bulb.
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