Telebid, legit?

    Just got linked to and it seems too good to be true, i see you have to buy bids but even with this low price it seems perfectly justified to pay £25 to pick up a ps3 for under a tenner. So my question is has anyone used this site before or has anyone heard anything about it?



    direct link if anyone wants to have a look. Was gonna sign up a couple of months ago, but by the time you've been outbidded you need to buy more and more bids and you end up spending a fortune on bids.

    in my opinion its not cheap at all ive seen things on there going tfor more than they sell for elsewhere
    everytime someone bids the time left goes up so you cud be waiting forever dont touch it with a bargepole

    DONT be fooled, its a scam.

    Behind this web site is a clever computer program which means you spends lots of money making lots of bids and finish up with nothing.

    Dont let them suck you in.

    i think its each bid costs you 50p from what i can remember

    dont touch with a bargpole biggest scam going

    stay away from telebid, you have to pay for bids.

    I do like their last minute bid idea, if someone bids within the last minute or last 10 seconds they add more time on to the auction

    Stay away............ Its like Fruit machine..........You think you will win, but lose money all the time!!
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