TELEFLORIST 12.95 delivery??

    I just went on to google and typed same day delivery flowers and it came up with this but on the small print it said £4.95 delivery but as i keep trying to checkout the delivery says £12.95 is this right?

    I know its probably because its mothers day today but still the flowers arnt even that great and still £12.95 is steep just for delivery.

    I didnt forget about mothers day its just i cant get to her till later on but in the mean time i wanted to send some flowers

    So for flowers that wouldnt impress many people its gonna cost about £50

    Anyone know of any better sites offering same day sunday delivery? i tried interflora but they dont do sundays.…ine


    jeeeeeez 13 quid! wow...thats ridiculous...if ur gonna see her later today then why not buy some and take them with u?


    what do you expect? same day delivery of flowers on a sunday, on one of the busiest days of the year.
    im sure your mum doesnt want the flowers, give her the 50 quid instead

    [COLOR="Magenta"]I'm sure she'd prefare something else, if she knew flowers cost £50!!
    there is a voucher code.. 15% off ... MUM15[/COLOR]

    Original Poster

    Cost me almost £63 in the end , just hope they are nice lol

    Never ordered off these guys before , been let down buy ones before with rubbish flowers , just hope these are good and they do deliver today ..... giving someone money is not the same really. but she would go mad if she knew i spent that much on flowers

    andy u sweetie!!


    there was a site that compared flowers ordered online and im sorry to say teleflorist was 1 of the lowest. hopefully because they will be done freshly you will get better luck
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