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    Hey. Looking for help regarding Line rental and Broadband.

    Im in an area where only ADSL is available. Virgin is available in the surrounding streets, but as Im in a new build, the fibre cable was never relayed in the street when it was torn down and rebuilt.

    Anyway, back on topic.

    I got BT to install the line (flick a switch at the exchange) and instead of paying the £125 up front, I took the 18 month offer instead where it would be paid up in my line rental. Now, this will end on the 7th November, and after speaking with BT today, all they could offer me was to commit to 12 months and my line rental would be £10.29 a month (was £13.29 but with a £3.00 discount). This discount would be paid to me in the form of a lump sum of £36 and I would get free evening and weekend calls.

    Ive noticed that O2 do their Home Phone for £7.50 a month and to add the evening and weekend calls, it would be an extra £2 a month. So right away, its a saving over the BT line rental. I currently have my Broadband with O2 as well however Ive just lost my £5 discount as I moved my mobile over to Tescco, so wasnt sure how that would be when pricing it out.

    Ive got Sky HD in the house. Back in February, I got the deal for commiting to another 12 months and I got a £10 discount each month which was to cover the cost of the HD subscription. So, that ends in February and Im in a predicament whether to phone Sky now and switch my phone line to them and also take their broadband?

    My broadband usage is approx 150gb a month and that was one reason I liked being with O2. For some strange reason as well, with O2, im getting 3.5mbit on my broadband whereas every single one of my neighbours doesnt get higher than 2mbit and they arent on capped packags either and are with Sky/BT. So, do I risk switching and losing my higher speed?

    Current outgoings:

    Broadband - O2 - £12.50 a month
    Television - Sky - £30-35 approx a month (Basic channels plus Sports excl ESPN)
    Phone - BT - £21.50 a month. (Currently in £65 credit) We just dont use the house phone at all really.

    Need some guidance!



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