Telephone Number help.....

    Hi guys,

    Does anyone know of a VALID +44(0)3 UK number - doesn't matter who it's for (I wont be calling it), I need to use to test a theory....

    Many Thanks


    dont know one, but interested in the hypothesis

    there isn't

    Original Poster

    There is - they were released in Nov 2007

    0203 299 9000 Kings College outpatients department

    Original Poster

    Pixie - needs to be (for example) - 0345 555 5555

    I've made one up anyway for what I need to use it for (valid, but not yet in use) - so thanks for the replies


    I think Virgin Radio have new number starting 03

    for those interested - it costs the same as an average call

    Edit: They do - its 0330 123 1215
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