Telephone/Answer Phone/Fax Machine In One

    Hi All

    I am looking for a telephone/answer phone/fax all in one, or if thats not possible a telephone/fax.

    I wondered if there was such a thing as - the number rings, it automatically detects its a fax and goes straight to fax on one ring, or it automatically detects it a telephone call so carries on ringing until the answer phone or you pick up the phone.

    I am not sure if they all work like this or not. I currently have an "all in one" printer and when it is switched on the phone rings and then the fax answers, it obviously answers if it is a fax but it wont let the phone go to answer machine.

    The above may be standard for all I know, but thats not what happens here!

    Also, any recommendations on one, the cheaper the better obviously, also to bear in mind the printing ink, wont need to be that many faxes but do need one.

    Thanks everyone.

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    Canon FAX JX500 @
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