Hi all

    Looking to buy a telescope for around £200-300 range.

    Complete beginner but would like to be able to view planets such as Jupiter and Mars etc. Ideally quite large size and in detail - will my budget stretch for that?

    Pointers to any deals out there would be great? Also, if you feel I need to increase my budget then I'm more than happy to do so.

    Also - wouldn't mind being able to take photographs... can this be achieved through a telescope?

    Thanks in advance


    I can see UrAnus through mine

    with that budget the answer is no you wont see mars or jupiter in any detail £600 one you would see mars but very small and very little detail you can take pictures through a telescope though but its an expensive game.
    that sort of budget is best for star gazing and looking at the moon.
    i would recommend a sky-watcher.
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