My wife has been saying recently that she would love a telescope. We live in an area that is very dark at night and the stars are really clear.

    Does anyone know anything about telescopes and can offer me some advice on a decent entry mid range telescope?

    Any help is very much appreciated, cheers.



    Things have moved on since I owned an 8" Newtonian and the $ exchange rates wont have helped.

    Dont expect too much if you buy something cheap. The lens' are important (dont go and buy some toot Chinese scope from ebay) and Id suggest probably a Meade is the better route. But they're not cheap!

    You sure she hasn't taken a shine to the stud at number 33??

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    You sure she hasn't taken a shine to the stud at number 33??

    lol - had crossed my mind :roll:

    Having used a friends cheapy (under £100) I would say it was only just about good enough to look at the moon and was a waste of money.
    Like a lot of specialist items it's hard to decide on entry level. As the money you spend is hard to justify when you don't know what your doing. At a guess I would say at least £200.
    Why not go to a local group. There are plenty around. Once you get a little feel for it and have spoken to people about their experiences you can decide on how much to spend. You may even get to try out some.

    You should also try getting involved with a dedicated forum.

    You could try hear…ics

    or [url][/url]

    probably more info on the sky at night bbc website - prob some old video clips on there about picking a

    It depends on what you want to try and view and how much you want to spend !!

    Also there's almost certainly loads of video's on youtube to help you decide.

    good luck !!
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