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Found 9th Jul 2007
Has anybody tried to book an online holiday from teletext?
The prices are cheap but when you try to book they add on transfer cost per person, other "mysterious" add ons, a charge for credit card and, when you trudge through all that, they then say that your holiday is no longer avilable and there's another (in my case £30 per person) surcharge to book the nearest available.
What starts as a 1 week, £300 quid pp, holiday soon becomes a 1 week £400 holiday!
The advertised price is a con.
I was advised by a travel agent friend of mine, prior to ringing them, that this is the way they do business. We went through the process to see if it was the case and he was bang on. He couldnt get within £80 of the teletext deal.
Needless to say we went back to him!
I hate mistrust and sharp practice s0 would never go back t0 them.
Any body got a positive experience that will restore my faith?
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Found the same problem with a lot of on-line sites too.
In the end I went to Thomas Cook and got 1 week in Crete at £580 for the 3 of us. Day flights and everything included.
try direct holidays as they are part of thomas cook group.much cheaper.
i am looking at 2 wk all inc in mexico for xmas. £2428 via direct hol over 3k with t/cook but they are the same company.
Portland Direct - You choose your holiday & then the extras if you want them - at all stages you can see what the cost will be to you (& they're very cheap as well!).

We booked this year's holiday through them - MUCH cheaper than any of the many other companies we looked at.

That said, the high street travel agents are very good for last minute bargains:thumbsup:
I work in the travel industry, there are a lot of tour operators and travel agents that do not add transfers, fuel charge etc in to the price until you actually go to book it! So what looks like a bargain from the inital price turns out not to be such a bargain after all!!

Trading standards are really clamping down on companies that do not include all the "extras" in the advertised price. They have prosecuted a number of companies in the last year.

However I will add that there a tour operators and travel agents out there who include all "extras" in the price they advertise.

Teletext is one of the worst places for this.

There are fantastic high street agents out there who provide a brilliant service to their clients and come up with the best deals. The best deals are not always available online.

The difference between Direct Holidays and Portland Direct is they don't sell via Travel Agents so their prices tend to be a bit cheaper but it is always worth getting your local agent to quote you on the holiday you want
7 years on and teletext holidays are still doing this?! The same thing happened to be last summer (2014). I found the holiday online and rang them. The indian call centre kept me on the phone for 30 mins, adding things on and raising the price accordingly. Finally I'd given them my bank details etc and it was then that they said the room was no longer available and they offered me a different more expensive one.
I told them where to go and put the phone down on them.

The filthy foreign scammers must have rung back literally 10 times that evening but I didn't answer and went with someone else instead.

Epic 7 year revival
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