Found 16th May 2005
Hi guys,

Moving out into my own house, so im on the lookout for a nice TV.

I've found some nice 32" TV's with fancy stands for £350

Can any1 beat this or know any discounts I can use in any electrical shops (that are still valid).

THe TV must be at least 32" and include a stand - but the bigger the better.

Budget is £350, but could stretch to £400 if i'm getting a bargain,

Thanks guys
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[color=darkblue]Still can't beat this Crown 32" for around £250 [save yourself £100!][/color]


[color=blue]CLICK HERE - WOOLWORTHS[/color]

[color=darkblue]Enter catalogue number: CTT320S/H into the search bar.

All you'll need then is a stand or TV unit.[/color]
Thanks for that - looking more at the higher end of the TV scale (names such as samsung, sony etc).

Want it with a stand 2 so it all looks the same (i.e not differnt shades etc).

Any1 else know of anything ?

Thanks guys


Found this for £350

Take a look on eBay. There's a new Toshiba at £349, or a refurbished Sharp at £245, both from "business sellers". I think I'd go for the Sharp refurb in preference to a new Woolies one but wouldn't pay an extra £100 just to get "brand new" (because it won't be the next day).
[color=darkblue]Sharp 32" [one in stock] at eBuyer[/color] [color=blue]CLICK HERE[/color]


[color=darkblue]Sharp 32" Pure Flat Widescreen Television £380 with delivery to add.[/color]
I know you are looking for a good brand but bargain crazy have a 32inch alba widescreen for a rock bottom £224.50


Alba 32ins Nicam Widescreen TV Model CTV32W2SIL. 32ins diagonally measured widescreen screen. W85.6 x H54.9 x D057.2cms. Teletext with memory. Selectable picture format. 16:9 widescreen/4:3 conventional/zoom or letterbox. Two scart sockets. A/V sockets for connection to other products (Hi-Fi games machine etc). On screen display. W56 x H36 x D40cms.


mod edit: shortened link as it stretched outside the viewing window in FireFox
Try [url]www.valutech.co.uk[/url] I saw it on this site several months ago and it looked so good I added it to my favourites list.

Try [url]www.valutech.co.uk[/url] I saw it on this site several months … Try [url]www.valutech.co.uk[/url] I saw it on this site several months ago and it looked so good I added it to my favourites list.

Valutech have some great prices, thanks for the pointer Christmasshopper
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