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    Just received a 'return authorisation document' this morning for replacement of my lcd tv at comet.

    What I would like to know, is can I reserve a tv online for collection instore and still use a discount voucher? I want to go for this…03U? found in this thread…331

    And would like to try use the discount voucher, then take my tv for replacement stating that I have reserved another model online, and THEN asking if I can take Sony up on their £100 discount for a tv trade in (Obviously not the one being replaced). Anyone think I will have a chance?


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    Whoops, just noticed that the trade in offer ended on the 11th July. Bummer.

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    Does anyone happen to know if there is a way to use a discount voucher when reserving an item for collection? I'm sure I did it when I originally purchased this current set.

    Hi warrior I hope your well publicised "issues" are now firmly under control and we can look forward to a return to those halcyon days of sorts.

    With pleasentaries out of the way I shall offer my limited experience of comet reservations. I found that you pay in store, so I imagine while you are waiting the usual 45 mins for whatever backstore monkey to haul your tv from underneath a washing machine you should ask the vapid and distant front store monkey if they take the said voucher, they will then look at you as if you have just gorilla pressed mean gene right there and skulk away to get a bod in a matalan shirt who will sigh, query said voucher and after some towing and frowing say yes but with a heavy heart.

    If however they have changed any of that process then my advice would be worthless, but I have a few hours spare before I go to a barbecue/party, get really drunk and spend all day tomorrow lying in bed with the stench of failure and kebabs lingering in my room urging me to be sick where I lay so hey ho and good luck.

    discount vouchers are for online purchases only, not reservations.
    they won't be honoured instore if you mention them too

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    Maybe you shouldn't give advice if your unsure of the correct answers slackrat. I had just missed the voucher entry box the first time I reserved. Went through the process again and noticed it. Just had mine replaced (After initially paying £617.49 for it with an upscaling dvd player (Which I sold for £35) and received £100 cashback from Toshiba. And just had to put £87 towards this…331 . In essence paying £567 for this set which is selling for a grand elsewhere.

    my mistake I thought it was Currys, not Comet.

    Comet are decent and honour their voucher codes on reserves where as Currys dont

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    my mistake I thought it was Currys, not Comet.Comet are decent and honour … my mistake I thought it was Currys, not Comet.Comet are decent and honour their voucher codes on reserves where as Currys dont

    No worries pal.

    Just glad to have it sorted.

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