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I've got my eye on two tv's and although the specs seem pretty similar, there are a few differences and I wondered if anyone could shed any light on these differences etc

The 2 TV's are
Samsung LCD 16:9 32"(82 cm) "HD ready" LE32R32B Television (A) And
Samsung 32" LCD 16/9 (82 cm) "HD ready" LE32S71 Television (B).

=456565&ArticleId[]=388982"]This link gives you the comparison table

The differences I spotted where


A:Antenna input HDMI input Video component input PC input PC audio input Headphones output S-Video input
B:1 HDMI input 1 Y/Pb/Pr componant input 1 audio/video input 1 S-Video input 1 PC input 1 video composite input

Audio Outlet
A:Headphones Output
B:1 audio output

Double Tuner
A: Yes
B: No

A:797 x 592 x 99 mm
B:544 x 892.5 x 82

Does anyone know if any of these differences would make a huge difference between the tv's?

A is £540
B is £585

So there is only £50 ish between them but still

Thanks in advance


I'm sure you may have done this, but just in case...there is a forum called AV Forum and is the perfect place to discover this info.


I'm not sure if you can look without joining? I'd join it is very useful and is packed with real experts.

Original Poster

Thanks I'll check that out
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