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    Hi All
    My TV has just died, can't believe it, not this close to Xmas:-( Anyway need to get a new one but only have about £450 - £500 to spend (all pennies currently going to Santa :santa: )
    There is such a vast array of choice out there I wondered is someone could point me in the right direction for a half decent one in this price bracket.



    Hey i have this TV its fantastic! very bright picture, great clarity. Play it on my xbox 360 (has its own built in gaming mode) and i bought i from Beyond Televisions and £477.99 and i used the next day delivery at £25 and it came at 9am the next morning.…878

    I'm presuming you're looking at LCD and not plasma?

    the ones generally recommended in the avforums (in this price bracket) are the
    Toshiba 32c3030db/32c3035db
    Panasonic TX32LMD70 (not the LXD7)
    Samsung R87/R88

    If you can get the code to work (its temperamental) you can get the Tosh for £405 with the 10% Empire Direct code (and you can get Quidco)…406
    Code "may" be valid until 7th Dec
    If you are going to get the Tosh - try following this link…tml

    The lcd-tv-prices website is a good one to check prices......
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