Television Wanted - Help please advise

    Hey Guys,

    I am looking for a television - doesnt have to be flash flash but something decent. Sony / Panasonic - 32" but these prices are slightly high. Is Toshiba or Samsung a good make - anyone make any recommendations that wont break my bank balance please?!




    check digitaldirect the have some good offers

    you didn't mention budget, I'd recommend something like this:…w=1

    sony would be about £385, panasonic for about £480

    Samsung are considered a good brand, although Sony are often considered the best.
    You may want to look for older models, which will sell for a lower price than newer counterparts

    Yes, and a budget would help hehe.

    Try Tesco. I was shopping in there the other day and they had major brands at reduced prices.

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    LOL sorry guys - budget approx 400 maxium. But really worried about the shops to buy from. I know the key names John Lewis etc but their prices are quite high. Sorry

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    Sorry for the posts - Aug that looks good:…w=1

    What sort of place is this - have you bought from there before?



    samsaung supply sony with their screens anyway,so if your on a budget and want something along the lines of sony then samsaung is proberly your best bet, but i wouldn't rule toshiba out coz i have always bought toshiba tv's and there good to.

    John Lewis prices tend to be around the RRP or higher than most places, as they are a more premium shop, and also they give a free 5 years guarantee.

    Amazon is often a good place to look.

    Sorry, I have to say Samsung are better - Sony are mainly made with LG parts.
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