television without an aerlial

Posted 15th Jul 2018
in my living room I have a motorised satellite dish which is fine for downstairs. If I go to upstairs, firstly I have no secondary television, though will I need an aerial on the roof to watch channels on the secondary television. Would getting a freeview box work without an aerial?
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If you have gone to the expense of a motorised dish why not cable from that to your bedroom (adding an extra LNB if required)?

As for an aerial then yes you will need one. If you are in a strong signal area a small internal one or a window sticker one will work. If not then a loft or external one will be required.
Another option might be to get a satellite to IP server box, to stream multiple satellite feeds on your network.
Here's an example (no idea if this particular box or supplier is any good):-…zer
Get a Amazon firestick and via WiFi you can watch lots of tv
I just use Internet on my bedroom [smart] tv. YouTube, iPlayer has live channels, so does ITV Hub, I don't think All4 does nor My5, but they all obviously have lots of on-demand content. Stream films via RakutenTV, Google Play Movies. Also - casting is great, you just plug a Chromecast into the back of your telly, and you can cast to it from so many different apps
Roku box and you can get what you need
@ OP

Your LNB should have more than 1 port, if not change the LNB to a 4 port.
The disadvantage of this would be, if you move the dish (port 1 should be connected to motor and have control) if the dish moves, poeple on other boxes would lose desired satalite at that time.

I personally have a motorised dish and a static for 28.2e

If your considering using IPTV then, you need at least 10mb service. As you have a motor i doubt your going legit channels so expect jitter
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