Televisions (Small bedroom ones and normal downstairs ones) :o)

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Found 8th Jun 2008
Hi everyone!
Within the past week I have broken the tv remote for the portable telly in our bedroom (by chucking it against the wall, my own fault - it's never broken before, I guess I should get a punch bag instead..) and then a few days later I accidentally put the downstairs remote in the washer (40deg wash) with a throw the baby had spilt milk all over. I've tried to dry it without any success...

We now have two tellies which were pretty crap before, but are even worse now! I'm wondering whether to take the opportunity to go digital and how much the cheapest digital portable and normal sized tvs are approx? We don't need an all singing one, just something with teletext and a cast iron remote, lol!

Thanks in advance for any techno telly advice anyone can offer :o)
Best wishes

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If looking for a 22"-32" just have a lookat ebuyer.com, usually the cheapest on the internet.

You want to head over to the currys clearance auction site!


TV's have generally been returned to the shop but have nothing wrong with them (check the description - it will say if they are scratched or missing boxes etc). Anyway they come with a 12 month warranty.

As a price guide you should be able to pick up a 22" for £200, 26" for £250 or 32" for £300, good makes like Samsung, LG, Philips too. It does depend how many people are bidding though, the prices winning bids went up in price after being mentioned in a money based email newsletter that goes to millions but seems to have settled down a bit now.

I got my 32" Samsung for £260!

Good luck!

yup i agreee. i bought my 32" HD TV from ebuyer.com. great prices there

i'd reccomend this one for your small TV: ebuyer.com/pro…347

and this one for your larger screen:ebuyer.com/pro…426

dont be scared by the smaller brand name, they are great TV's

For a bedroom could do this one:


Vistron Luna AYT10-190BPS 19" LCD TV Silver £99.97 with Free Delivery
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