Hi all. Can anyone please tell me if you've experienced any problems with getting your orders with Teleworld?
I ordered a 50" plasma tv as a christmas present for me and the girlfriend around mid December last year. They took my money right away, and said the delivery could "possibly" take up to 3 weeks! we went with it as it's not that bad with free delivery too. After 3 weeks we phoned them to see where our tv is. They told us then that they're having problems getting supplies off samsung but they promise to get it to us asap as we are on the top of their list.... yeah right!!!
Anyway 10 WEEKS and numerous phone calls later and excuse after excuse we still have not received JACK!!!
I don't want to ask for a refund because i've been on some forums where people are in the same situation but are not getting money back. I'm in a pickle so anyone else in this situation your feedback will be appreciated. I don't think teleworld should be able to have anymore deals on this site either.. I'm sure many would agree.


Did you pay for this TV with your Credit Card ?
If so I would be looking at contacting them and trying to get my money back. 10 weeks is too long.

Is this the Teleworld Company based in Bexleyheath ?
Their Terms and Conditions in a couple of areas are dubious to say the least. Did you read them ?
Are you aware you have paid a non refundable £35 "set up fee" ? Are you aware they only take responsibility of the product for 7 Days after delivery ??

Sorry if that's not what you want to read.

This thread is also probably in the wrong Forum as you will get better feedback and possibly more help in the Misc Forum.

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You need to get on to trading standards/citizens advice. They will probably tell you to put something in writing - usually along the lines of - "Supply the product within 7 days of receiving this letter or refund me in full" - they will be able to tell you how best to word it.

We had similar problems with a Sofa company recently. They had taken payment, but weren't going to supply the product for like 10 weeks. After one phone call to them mentioning trading standards and refunds, their attitude changed completely, and the sofa was with us 7 days later.

Trading standards website is here - ]http//ww…cfm

pop in your postcode at the top, and it will direct you to your local office

Best of luck :thumbsup:

Original Poster

Thanks for the help guys, very much appreciated. I did pay for it on my credit card so at least if the worst comes to worst i'm insured.
I phoned them today and they talked to me for about half an hour and they also couldn't be more sorry.
They explained to me in detail this time about what's happening, and that since Crimbo they have just experienced problem after problem with SAMSUNG.
They said these are the only manufactures that they have had problems with because of the HUGE demand for the...…ll/

Basically they don't make this model anymore. So Teleworld are waiting for the newer model to be sent, and that's what they will be sending out to the people that have had patience with them.
They told me they should have the TV's by the 19th!!!
Will I'll just have to keep my fingers crossed till then I suppose, as the price was too good for the full 1080p model and I can't find anything close to that still.

Thank you for the feedback people :thumbsup:

Nick x

Hi Nick
well I'm glad you have had some positive communication and hope everything works out well for you.

Just check to make sure there is no time limit on claiming through your credit card
It's not unheard of that dodgy dealers will stretch things out so your time has run out for a claim !

(I still don't like this companies T & C's though )

Take care.....Tony

I hate to tell you this, but I too purchased a television on 1 January, the payment was taken on 2 January and I am still waiting for my television, I ordered a Sony Bravia, and they actually fed me the same cock and bull story they told you about your Samsung, looks like a few people have been had by these crooks. I made contact with them last week and was told I would have my television this week, low and behold I tried to contat themof Friday and the phone was engaged, it still is today!!!, Looks like they may have gone bust.

Yep, same for me too. paid in February for delivery in March. Teleworld's website was working last Friday but their Bexleyheath number was permanently engaged. Today their website says "ceased trading". Am trying to get bank to investigate, also Sony. keep you posted with progress.

I've had the same problems with Teleworld. Annoyingly enough, I had a call from them last week saying they were gong to be delivering my Sony Bravia 40" TV and that I was the first drop off (Thursday 23 March). They even gave me the drivers mobile number in case there was any problems with me being in. I then got a call just before the delivery was due to say that they had the police in due to a security alert at the warehouse and they were not allowed to send out anything until the police had finished their investigations. Last Friday (24 March) I tried calling to see when the delivery was going to be rescheduled and just got a constantly engaged phone. Tried again today and also noticed that their website has been pulled saying that they're not trading.

Fortunately I've paid by credit card so should get my money back - unfortunately I suspect many people aren't so fortunate.

Good luck to everyone in getting your money back!

I can confirm that Teleworld PLC has ceased trading.

Anyone with outstanding orders is unlikely to receive their orders and thise who paid by Credit/Debit Card should contact their Credit/Debit Card issuers for a refund.

I ordered a tv on Jan 5 and when it didn't arrive (after various lame excuses) I cancelled my order and received confirmation of this at the end of February. As the money hadn't been refunded in the 30 days they said to allow, I tried ringing yesterday and instead of the usual engaged tone the phone just rang out. Tried the website and say they'd ceased trading, so spoke to the Insolvency Service who advised they'd not received any notice of bankruptcy or liquidation so they're still officially trading. Consumer Direct have advised to send a recorded delivery letter to them (plus standard delivery and I thought I'd also email them the letter for the hell of it) stating 7 days to issue full refund or legal action will be taken. We're stuffed as we paid for it on our debit card and therefore not going to report them to BBC Watchdog and RETRA as above I think, we need to make sure this company doesn't start trading again under any other name as they're a bunch of cowboys!

5 posts all new users all joined around the same time with 1 post, hmmmmm

mmmmm indeed....lots of disgruntled customers who want to know how we're gonna get out of this!

add me to the list, i ordered a 40 inch sony blah blah whistles and bells,only to be told they could not complete my order as they were having trouble getting them.
they offered me 3 different options,but no refund so i waited for my kdl40w5500 to come but it did not,so i rang ,no answer i emailed no reply i checked the website no website.
i rang mr richard bransons company and they are hopefully going to sort it and luckily i have kept most of the emails i sent received.

I have only come to this thread recently, having discovered that Teleworld has been declared insolvent. My own circumstances appear to be extremely similar to many others listed here. I ordered a Panasonic LCD TV in January 2009 and after much prevarication, Teleworld failed to supply the item, having taken the funds from my bank account the day after I placed the order.

I have spoken to a Senior Fair Trading Officer at Bexley Council who has advised me to contact Companies House. He suggested that if Companies House receives a significant amount of complaints against individual company Directors, then they may pursue them, assisting the police in any subsequent enquiries, should incidents of fraud or criminal activity be suspected or reported with regards to the circumstances of the insolvency.

I would urge as many people as possible to contact Companies House in writing, to complain about the activities of Teleworld and it’s directors;

Companies House
Crown Way
CF14 3UZ

Teleworld is listed at Companies House, their Registered Number is 3724086. The Directors being, Mr Baser Huseyin, (date of birth 01/05/1961) and Mr Ibrahim Huseyin, (date of birth 05/09/1958).

I would be interested to hear from anyone that has/does contact Companies House.
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