Tell me about Center Parcs please

    Wondering about visiting the one near Nottingham for a short break and just wondered what people would say about it?
    Is the pool included? Do we need bikes when we're there and could we take our own trailer for the kids? Is ther much to visit nearby?


    I went and had a great time!
    Im pretty sure pool is included!
    And bikes are definately work renting!
    Not sure about much nearby, stayed inside the park for the 5 days!

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    Thanks, do you know how much are the bikes? found the pool answer on their website but bikes one has me stumped


    It's center parks.


    Center Parcs


    Thanks, do you know how much are the bikes? found the pool answer on … Thanks, do you know how much are the bikes? found the pool answer on their website but bikes one has me stumped

    Im pretty sure it was about £20 something per bike for a week?
    Dont quote me on this I might be wrong!
    However, we did get to keep the bike locks

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    Center Parcs

    Ok corrected!



    Ok corrected!

    The centre is still spelt wrong.

    Pool is included but thats about it.

    Every other activity is chargeable seperately

    Can be very expensive, but is really fun, the pool and rapids are ace!!

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    The centre is still spelt wrong.

    Done it now, Don't know how I got both wrong as I'm looking at their website at same time. Might have something to do with cooking tea at same time, who says women can't multitask!

    Yeah its mint! i went with friends in January to Nottingham, the pool is free but the bikes are a rip off. It worked out at 70 quid for the week or £24 for the day. For this kind of money you'd be better off buying one before you go at least this way you get to keep it.

    Just some advice: Go to the pancake house and have a full English breakfast pancake oh and take plenty of money - you'll need it.

    Went there a few years ago and loved it, def need a bike, restaurants & shops are pretty expensive so best to stock up on fud & beer before, had a luxury lodge and was quite far away from the main center, was very busy when i went, but highly recommended, sure you will love it!!!

    You can take your own bikes if you have them

    Pool is free, it says you cant take your own food into the pool area but loads of people do and never seen anyone stopped.

    We couldnt really find anything nearby Nottingham centerparcs

    You can take your own food with you, but overall the shop isnt that bad so we dont bother anymore.

    We have been going there for over 12 years, so if there is anything you want to know feel free to PM me

    Go to Sherwood Center Parcs every year and it's lovely. The pool is included but I wouldn't bother with hiring bikes as they are SO expensive. Either take your own (and yes, you can take your own trailer in too) or don't bother, the whole of the parc isn't huge so you can easily get around by walking, obviously some villas are further away from the centre than others but they are all still well within walking distance and we've done this plenty of times with small children.

    If your kids and small it's probably worth paying extra (around £15 I think) to have a villa close to the village centre which will save on too much walking but you can then go for short walks when you want to. Center Parcs is basically as cheap or as expensive as you want it to be, we never do any of the acitivities, just swimming, walking and using the playgrounds which are all free, we take our own food and cook and can get by Monday to Friday on around £50 and that's buying 4 drinks out everyday (hot chocolate etc) - book it now, you'll love it.

    Went to Sherwood at the end of January and it was lovely, took our own bikes with us because I think it would have worked out about £30 each per bike for the week so we just bought a bike rack before we went. The pool it georgeous and theres an outside bit as well which is lovely and warm and all lit up in the night. We didnt do any activities just took the kids bowling as they are only 5 and 7 so didnt want to do much else but if you've got older kids you could spend a fortune.

    We also took loads of food with us because otherwise you will spend a fortune, would definately book it as you will have a lovely time. We stayed in one of the new executive lodges so I would recommend paying the extra for either the executive or woodland lodges as they have all new decor, saying that I have stayed in the comfort and they are really nice too but the other ones just feel more luxurious. Center Parcs is just so relaxing and peacefull you will have a lovely time

    All the Comfort ones have new decor now, OK so not as luxurious as the executive ones but for the price they are great so if you are on a budget don't be worried that they're going to be naf just because they're the cheapest. If you can afford to spend a bit extra then treat yourself to a more luxurious lodge but it's not totally necessary to have a great holiday, the outdoors and pool do that for you.

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    Thanks everyone, didn't get a chance to talk to hubby last night, I went out as he came in! Will have a chat tonight

    Bike hire is £23 for monday-Friday

    So much nonsense on this site about the prices
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