Tell me about PAYG - I know nothing

Wagwan homies.

I’m looking at moving from a pay-monthly contract to PAYG. Mainly because I only use my mobile for texts, emails and a bit of Twitter / Facebook. Paying £30+ a month for 18 months is a complete waste of money when most PAYG seems to be £10 a month top-up

I’ve had contract phones for the past 13 years so know nothing about PAYG and what the best deals are. All I know is that I want a couple of hundred free texts a month and enough data allowance for light web-browsing and always-on email retrieval.

What do you recommend?


Have a look at Giffgaff.. stupid name but you get quite a lot for your tenner every month. Runs off the O2 network so coverage is pretty good

£10/month gets you
250 mins
unlimited internet + texts

maybe wait until Tesco have their 1 month contract offer on again... I'm on 500 mins, 500MB internet and "unlimited texts" for a tenner per month -- it's a contract but PAYG is almost like a contract these days anyway as you have to top up £10 every month to get the stuff on offer, or else you'll miss out for that month

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pay a tenner a month and you get truly unlimited data, for the time being 250 mins and unlimited txt.

Been with them since october and can't really fault them.

I use o2 text and web tariff,

Top-up £10–£14 and get 300 UK texts, 500MB UK data & unlimited Wi-Fi
Top-up £15–£29 and get 500 UK texts, 500MB UK data & unlimited Wi-Fi
Top-up £30+ and get unlimited UK texts, 500MB UK data & unlimited Wi-Fi


i also know nothing about PAYGso will keep an eye on this thread

HAHA ........;)


Why don't you work out exactly what you use each month first so that you know what package will suit you?
If you make a lot of calls over your allowance it will cost you dearly.

Oh I am confused again, is this a joke thread?

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Cheers guys, that's great stuff.

Can I take my number with me to GiffGaff?

£10 a month
600 mins
unlimited txts
500gb data.

Find out how many minutes txts and data you average a month and then find out how much that would have cost on PAYG before jumping into PAYG. Or post your useage on here and thenask for the best deal.


Thought this thread was about PAWGs for a moment...

asda unlimited PAYG deal is best £25 a month


asda unlimited PAYG deal is best £25 a month

Kinda defeats the need paying £25.
Another one for giffgaff here. It's a Telefonica (the company that owns o2) venture so it shouldn't vanish in the way of blyk and easy mobile.
You can port/take your number with you. Only potential downside on giffgaff is all support is online, on the plus you can actually make money from answering the odd query.

It may be worth venturing into

this new HUKD 'thingy' for mobiles

for more opinions.

I have no other useful advice I'm afraid, as I tend to get those cheap Nokias with cash back that make the £10 top up cheaper.
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