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    I've never been to one before, its my first one today! Are the tickets definite or is it a first come first served sort of thing...and how are they distributed......If the screening is advertised at 6.30pm.....What time would you advise me to get an hour early too early?! Help! lol.



    If you have a ticket you will get in, if it says 6.30 it will start at 6.30 so get there early to get a good seat! (about 20 mins early is usually enough!) Enjoy!
    Take ID just in case (I've never been asked for it yet but it does say to take it )

    I'd say 30mins to get 1st pickings of seats, ive seen people arrive at the time the movie starts and wonder why they cannot find a seat - lol.

    Take ID, but leave your mobile phone at home, or in the car.
    Some cinemas will ask you to empty your pockets and any thing that is able to take pictures / video will be removed and put in the trusty hands of security.

    Most of the screenings ive been to no1 has ever looked at my ticket.
    they just take it off you and point you where u need to go.

    As above, 6.00 for a 6.30 start is a good idea, otherwise you are scrambling round for seats - I went and saw Inglorious Basterds last week and by 6.15 they were getting people to move up and fill in all the spare spaces.

    i'd say get there for 6. It is first come first served, people sometimes turn up after half 6 wondering why they can't get a seat, all depends on which screenroom you are in really.

    i've been to many screenings and have never had any problems except for when I went to see Benjamin Button. I arrived 5 minutes early and was told the cinema was full. The manager didn't care that I have travelled 20 miles to get there and when I informed him that perhaps some people had photocopy tickets he didn't want to know.
    If it's a big film like Inglorious Basterds, get there early. I got there 30 minutes early for it last week and there were already over 20 people waiting.

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    Thanks everyone. Going to see Funny People Courtesy of a HUKD 'deal'. Hopefully it'll be a laugh.

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    Thanks everyone. Going to see Funny People Courtesy of a HUKD 'deal'. … Thanks everyone. Going to see Funny People Courtesy of a HUKD 'deal'. Hopefully it'll be a laugh. Rep left.

    I'm going as well at Gateshead make sure you are there somewhere between 6- 6:15, it might be boring sitting there but sometimes you can get really bad seats or you may not sit witht the people you came with as we found out a couple of weeks ago.
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