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Found 3rd Oct 2017
oka so i wanna move from 3 contract to new 3 contract, with mobile direct.

so i understand its too temporary transfer number too pay as go sim, then back too 3 sim

is there any limits on this, like does it need to be a pay as go sim with credit or do u have to be with them for some time
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I just called three about this a exact same problem, your old monthly card will expire, and convert to a payg card, then you will be able to move to the new monthly card
If your Contract won't expire soon, move your old monthly to a payg then move that to the new monthly
i got told if pac don't get used, contract carries on, i got a activated pay as go sim on three, can i do three pay as go to contract, it's says on three it can't be used to transfer to another 3 account
One option is to use your PAC to move to another network - I'd suggest get a 30 day contract from id mobile or plusnet which costs £10 or less. Once number is ported to that network, get a PAC from them and use that on the new 3 contract.
i thought just get a ee five pounds pay as. go. sim, i be on them lees. than a week
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