Temperature Threshold, and subscription alerts not working

    I am trying to set up an email alert for any Deals, vouchers and freebies over a certain Heat. However every time I try I just get all Deals, Vouchers and Freebies emailed to me.

    Also, I am not getting alerts when people are replying to threads I have subscribed to, even though I have requested this. I have never had this problem on any other forums

    What am I doing wrong.


    Do you fancy taking a screenshot of your custom setting and I'll take a look?

    Original Poster

    Does this help?

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    By the way, I haven't had a deal emailed to me for a while so that side could now be working (if none have achieved 100 degrees since I change my settings)

    However I didn't get an email to alert me to your reply to this thread.

    When you create a thread, it does not auto subscribe you. You have to click "thread tools" under the OP, and click subscribe.

    In ]here, what setting is the Default Thread Subscription Mode?

    I am not sure about your custom settings, they look right to me, but I would perhaps suggest changing it to "sort by new" rather than hot? Tell me if that changes anything with the emails you are getting.

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    Ahaa, just got an alert for this, so that part is working now.

    Still haven't received notification of any new items achieving 100 degrees, but I'll try changing the setting as you said.

    Thanks for your help.
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