template cv required

    well i've had enough of my job now so am gonna start handing in cv's to other places before i leave. only thing is im rubbish at constructing a good layout for a cv so was wondering if any of your could send me a template.

    you could either pm me or send straight to my email address: simon_stuart at hotmail dot co dot uk

    thanks ever so much


    If you have a legit copy of MS word, you can go to the MS website and download a shed load of templates from there. :thumbsup:

    Bear in mind what the CV is supposed to do. Are you applying for a specific job? Then tailor the CV to show how your previous jobs are relevant to the job you're applying for. If you're applying to a company on the off-chance of being offered something then tailor the CV to show how your previous jobs are relevant to what the company does.

    In other words, experience-related or job-related?

    I based mine on this one of these from my old agency, worked a treat. ]http//ww…zip just right click - save as

    Yeah, what exactly do you want to work as and what schooling and experience do you have?

    If you're in my line of work then I'll forward you my CV but it's a CV that's very tailored to what I do, if that makes sense? I doubt it would be of great use to others.
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