Temporary Broadband?

Found 14th May 2009
were moving in about the 3 weeks and the line has to be swapped on friday otherwise the wait would of been to long. im looking for a temporary solution, dial up will be to slow, ive been looking at mobile broadband but the dongles are 30 quid +, any one got a solution or know the cheapest mobile broadband?
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Go to the O2 Shop they sell a dongle for ]£29.35 or half price with any O2 mobile.

The best bit about it though is they offer a ]30 day no quibble return. All you pay is for the data you used.

So use that and when you get your broadband on just return it for a full refund and no hassle.

The same policy applies on their contract dongles so you could get one of those for the better value packages and then return it and they'll cancel your contract.
nice one, will look into it, repped

nice one, will look into it, repped

No problems, I used that one a few months ago but it was a 50 day guarantee then. It's quite a good little modem, the drivers are stored on the dongle so you can use it wherever, easily. Their software to connect to the internet was nice and simple and the connection pretty stable and a decent speed.
Have you got any open wifi networks near you? If not I can recomend grabbing a maccy d's coffee and taking advantage of their wifi network...
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