Temporary car insurance for this weekend - HELP NEEDED!

    Ive just been quoted £37 by autonet insurance to cover my fiesta for this weekend only!?!?

    Can anyone recommend a site that wont rip me off?


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    thanks for the tip but it came out even more expensive lol!

    have you tried swift cover?

    i'd have thought £37 was pretty reasonable myself.


    i'd have thought £37 was pretty reasonable myself.


    must say i paid 25 from tesco when i needed it

    we use seems reasonable rates. Hope it helps

    If it's your car, why don't you have full insurance already?
    £37 is pretty reasonable,depends really if the weekend includes friday evening through to sunday evening though, so a full 48 hours.

    i think its about right as most of that they see as admin costs. I paid just over £60 for four days a few months back and that was the cheapest i could find - thats was with ecar (i think)
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