Temporary Car Insurance Possible???

Found 29th Jan 2008
started my driving lessons and wanted to get extra practice with my dad on my mums cars, now cheapest insurance weve found is like £1100 but i only want to be insured on it for a month so i pass my test quicker, is there insurance which i can get that only one month long??
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Yeah i'm sure it was only £70 odd for my mate, dunno where you get it tho..

Can you not go on for like 28 days as a Named Driver on your mothers policy ?

Just get her to phone up her insurance company and ask, easiest thing to do.
ok shes with tesco so ill get her to ring them up, ive been searching on the internet for tempory covefr and all the ones ive seen say you have to be 21 and over to get it, will this be the same with tesco?
I deal with Insurance on a daily basis and wierdowoss is correct in what they state. Tesco's Insurance will be fully aware that you are on a provisional licence and can therefore can only drive with a full licence holder. This means that you cannot drive around on your own and are not classed as a "high risk". It should only be a small additional amount to add you onto her policy (unless it is a female only policy and you are a male in which case they may not add you at all). You will however have to pay a small futune now days when you pass your test to insure your own car or drive your mums unassisted. Good luck on passing your test!
You need to ask your mum and/or dad to call their insurance companies and request a temporary additional driver. They will charge a fee, but it will be cheaper than if you were to buy your own car and get insurance on your own. Different insurance companies have different rules regarding the length of time you can add a temporary additional driver, they could just add you to the policy permanantly.

Good luck, hope you pass your test soon.
well bascily at the moment my mum is the main driver and a my sister whoes been driving for 2 years is a named driver, now i rang them up and they said it would cost £950 extra for me as a named driver and £130 for one month
Does you dad have a different car, maybe that will be a little cheaper? If not the only option it to pay the £130 for the month sorry.
Direct line used to do a 14 day change of mind policy.
Its legal to drive a car IF you hold a provisional licence AND a fully qualified driver over 21. So u do not need insurance
It is correct to state that it is legal to drive a car if you hold a provisional licence and are ACCOMPANIED by a fully qualified driver over 21, you cannot be both as stated above. However if YOU are driving a vehicle YOU require insurance. Cheep Short term motor Policy are hard to come by now days, the alternative is taking out an annual Policy paying by direct debit and cancelling it just before 30, 60, 90 days. Make sure of the cancellation terms first though. To be honest it sounds like the best senerio will be adding you to your mums policy. However, you can barta with Insurance companies. Explain that you will only be using it for an hour an evening and will be accompanied by your father at all timesand ask is that the best they can do as you mum may cancel the policy and take it elsewhere, they may reduce it.
will try and haggle with them tommorow, my mums car is a group 1 car anyway its a hyunda ami
ica 1litre, my dad drives a 5 series bmw, soo no point even finding out how much that will cost.
i have been there before, really it isnt worth it, I was actually advised bu the insurers, instead of spending the money on insurance before you pass your test spend it on extra lessons instead, you are more likely to get a reasonable quote if you hold a full licence.
o sorry just some figures for you too, whilst i was in your situation i was given quotes by various insurers and the cheapest i got was £1250 per yr as an added driver but i forgotten where i got it from as i had no interest as soon as they said thousand! Now that i have passed i am an 18 yr old male (still reasonable high risk lol) and i am fully comp as a named driver on more than with my mum and dad (so 3 ppl) for £590, her car is a smart forfour passion 1.3L so not the cheapest ones either.
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