Temporary ceasefire

    Please can we have a temporary ceasefire on post;s about these bleeding little hamsters. i really wish they would go go away


    ^^^^^^^^ This

    Call of Duty was worse


    So make another one :whistling:

    didnt you use my post yesterday to get some ?

    mmmm, well i like call of duty, and i like Go Go hamsters, but which is better?

    Only one way to find out



    Kind of ironic that a ceasefire request is put up...and 15 minutes later another post is put up advising of more go go hamster availability!

    whats so good about them. if it wasnt for this site then i'd never have heard of them!

    Original Poster Banned


    didnt you use my post yesterday to get some ?

    Yes and am eternally grateful, this was a bit tongue in cheek. This is why im am so sick of reading about them lol, It has taken me nearly 3 weeks of trawling throu go go posts and an 80 mile round trip to finally get some

    Welcome To Xmas Time
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