Temporary Work. Full Time. Will I get paid for the bank holiday?

Posted 31st Mar 2010
I get paid by the hour and work full time but the role is only temporary.
I'm just curious if i am entitled to be paid for the bank holidays coming up, like the full time members of still will be.

Anyone able to help?
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How about asking them?!>!
Depends if youre paye or agency :thumbsup:

Paye- yes
Agency- no

How about asking them?!>!

+1 come on op do your own homework

How about asking them?!>!

I will do, 2mo. I'm just wondering now and to whether i am entitled to be. As temp workers have different rights to fully employed.
I would say you dont qualify for it im afraid, you may be asked to work over time to make up for the lost hours on bank holidays
I doubt it. I have been agency since July and bank holidays hurt alot. Went on the cards this week just in time for easter.
Check your contract.
My agency just count bank holidays as normal days; you can take them as holiday but it may well be unpaid unless you chose to use your paid holiday for them. I don't get any extra entitlement-if I don't go in I don't get paid, and I want to save my holidays for later in the year. Also, I get paid the normal rate, no special rate for the BH. I imagine you can take it as unpaid leave if you want the days off.
The rate you get is determined by the employer not the agency. I worked a bank holiday at Christmas and my agency tried to pay me time and half. A quick word with my employer and I got the double time a bank holiday deserves.
triple time Friday...just saying

6hrs toil for Thursday, 12hrs toil for Monday
when working as a temporary worker through an agency you a crew holidays as you are not a contracted member of staff you will not get paid for bank holidays should you wish to be paid for the bank holiday you normally have to give your agency 1 weeks notice and if you have accumulated enough hours/days then they will pay you in your normal wage. i believe but please dont quote me on it temporary workers are entitled to 22 days holiday obviously thats based on you working full hours through the whole year
I was also wondering about this, I know in the past that temporary agency staff have never been paid for bank holidays, but on talking to a friend, she advised me that the law had changed and that temporary staff were now entitled to get paid for bank holidays, so I am trying to find out if this is correct or not. My agency pays me a hourly rate, which includes my holiday, which I dont really think is fair, but what can you do.
Agency staff get 28 days paid holiday a year that includes bank holidays, if you been there over 12 weeks you get the same as a full time contracted worker, I am agency staff working the bank holiday today I get time and half plus the day back in holiday hrs
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