Tenancy Early Break Clause & Deposit

    I have a 1 year tenancy agreement with Foxtons of which I am 5 months in, the contract has a clause whereby either side can give 60 days notice to terminate, however it's unclear whether invoking this would lose me my deposit. I assume that it wouldn't as I am not in breach of contract but not 100% sure. Anyone know for sure?


    It doesent appear so but the easiest route to take would be to call them and ask the question, Remember to note who it is you are speaking to etc. If they say you will loose the deposit then it may be worth seeking further advice. You will need to let us know the exact wording in more detail in order to get any viable opinion.

    It shouldnt

    Deposit is meant to protect the Landlord in case of damage to the property / furnishings.

    I would imagine that if your contract doesn't say "in the event of early cancellation, the deposit will be retained" or something similar, you should be ok.
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