Tenda Nova Backhaul issues

Posted 6th Apr 2021
Evening all!
Wondering if anyone that currently uses the Tenda Nova mesh system with some backhaul could help!

Virgin Media Superhub 3 (100MB) connected to MW6.
MW6 connected to TP-Link switch.

From the switch I have it connected to two ethernet wall sockets which connect to the kitchen and workshop.

The MW5's in the kitchen and workshop show it as being a wired connection.

Then for wireless I have:
MW3 - Dining room with PC connected to the LAN port
MW5 - Bedroom

When I have the wired connection to the MW5's - It seems my wifi speed drops to around 20-40MB.
The PC which is connected to the LAN port of the dining room MW3 shows as being connected to sometimes the Kitchen or workshop nova.

However if I remove the wired connection, I get speeds of around 80-90MB via Wifi and also the PC. PC also then shows as correctly being connected to the dining room nova.

Has anyone managed to use a mixture of wired & wireless connections with Tenda Novas?
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