Tennents Extra

Posted 8th Nov 2010
I would love to get my hands on this in any quanitity. Does anybody know where they sell this? Would even consider a pallet at the right money (got a few mates who would love another stab at it!)

Question is - do they even still make it?!?

BTW - not Tennents Super, Pilsner or the yellow can from Scotland. I will post a pic of the cans.

Can anybody help? - I want to play my Dance Tip 94 album and drink this fine lager!
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Click on the link to see the cans - the ones I remember are towards the bottom of the page

Click here
^^^^^^^^X)............was going to suggest asking the local tramps too !

^^^^^^^^X)............was going to suggest asking the local tramps too !

You are mistaken - Tennents Super is for the tramps. Tennents Extra is the thinking mans nectar!
Dunno where you can get Tennents Extra, but I hear B & Q have an offer on meths.
Tennent Caledonian Breweries UK Limited
Wellpark Brewery
161 Duke Street
G31 1JD
Thanks for your help so far guys. Pretty sure that it was brewed in Burton, not in Scotland.

As for the tramps - usual saturday night back in '94. Thats what I'm looking to recreate :-)
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