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Can you please suggest a tennis racket for our 7y old boy who is a beginner? We have no idea of what to look for in a good racket.. thank you
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No need to spend a fortune until you know how much he likes the game. Most important thing is to get a sensible size. Too small and he'll grow out of it quickly, too big or too heavy and he'll not be able to manoeuvre it properly. I bought my godson a 25 inch Babolat racket for his eighth birthday last summer. A typical full size adult racket is approximately 27 inches long. While he's only a beginner it may help him to avoid a small head size racket as having more hitting area will offer more chance of hitting the ball in the 'sweet spot'. But don't go too big as they just look comical. If he enjoys the sport and wants to carry on playing then there's plenty of time for more advanced rackets as he develops his game.
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I would suggest good quality racquets. Not all are created the same and the metal ones will hurt muscles and joints (they're really bad). Buying a tennis racket can be done online but I suggest that for the adults. For children go with them in the shop. If you have a sweatband shop in your town give them a visit, they are really helpful.
I had the same queries as you a year or so back, so I asked a mate of mine who used to be a tennis coach. He recommended Wilson, Prince or Babolat as the better quality brands. Tennis Nuts, PWP Tennis or Pro Direct Tennis were the sites he recommended.
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