Tension Headache Relief

    I've been getting headaches non stop for a week or so since I've started revising for my University exams and was wondering if there is anything you can do to combat them, other than stop revising.

    I need to be working pretty much all day, everyday now so can't have too many breaks (which don't seem to help anyway).

    Is there a strong painkiller that may help?

    Any advice is appreciated as I need to do well in the exams but my head is driving me insane!


    take codeine with a cup coffee. works well

    yes you can get a paracetomol with codeine or an aspirin works well on a migraine type headache..but really you should go out and have a walk/run not have a break watch tv etc...if you are using the pc then try sunglasses? or maybe you need your eyes tested anyway?


    take codeine with a cup coffee. works well

    sorry didnt mean to like that meant to reply...if he starts messing with his body he may become hooked so really not a good option

    ok for a couple a days but not long term

    don't take too much medicine,drinking plenty of water will do the trick.set your self a target of 3-4 ltr water a start just have only 3-4 glasses of water but then gradually go up to 3.5-4 ltr a day and it will take couple of days for headaches to vanish when you reach this amount.

    Just as you feel it come on take some aspirin. Just plain aspirin.

    Drink plenty of water, regular 'eye' breaks, try to get a good night's sleep. Sounds easy doesn't it? I suffer now and then, it has been connected to the head support I use in bed, I like a firm, high pillow but it was causing tension in my neck and shoulder. Good luck with the revising.

    Have a look at this link... I have used the technique in point 4, and it really worked:

    give it a go!

    good luck

    get laid

    I had the same problem during exams in the past. I used tablets called Syndol which can be bought over-the-counter. They contain paracetamol and codeine for the headache as well as another ingredient called doxylamine - an antihistamine that helps with the tension. It also contains caffeine (which I believe helps the above to get absorbed faster ie work faster). Codeine can be addictive so you can't use for more than three days. IHTH.

    This may sound weird but it worked for me. I was taking about 6 pain killers a day at one point, then I started taking a spoonfull of honey and cinnamon (for heartburn) a day and a side effect of this was that I stopped getting sore heads.

    I know H&C is meant to be great for loads of things but I'd never heard of it as relieving headaches before, still, I'm not complaining. It might be worth a try. I take one part cinammon to 2 parts honey and mix into a paste.
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