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Posted 18th May
Hi, I have been looking into tents but I don’t know what I am exactly looking at. I used to camp with my parents numerous times a year, and would like to start taking my family. My wife isn’t really into it camping (but is willing to give it a go) and my kids are 8, 6 and 2. So I would need enough space for everyone but without breaking the bank, as I have no idea whether they’ll enjoy it as much as I did! Are there any tents out there that anyone would recommend? I am sure I read a post last year about AliExpress tents but I could be making that up! I envisage it being a once a year, week long sort of thing to start off with. Any help is welcome!
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You can spend as much or as little as you can afford. Look at gooutdoors

costco have a great deal at the moment if you can get in therre
Look on EBay for a second hand tent. People often upgrade or sell because camping is not for them and they will send bundles of stuff. Sleeping bags, mats, etc can be bought from Lidl/Aldi. A good site for advice on camping and tent reviews is ukcampsite.com. Camp at at site on a beach and your kids will love it...
PS you will struggle to fit 5 people with a large tent etc and luggage in an average sized car so you will probably need a roof box or small trailer...
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try glamping first, no investment needed or borrow a tent
Just remember the bigger and fancier they are the longer they take to put up. That’s fine when you’re going for s week or more and want all the carpets etc but if it’s just a quick weekend away it can be a real pain.

I know quite a few people who have been seduced by big tents in go outdoors but the novelty has worn off quickly due to the effort of setting up and taking down.

The other option is, to begin with, take a look on marketplace or gumtree and there are usually quite a few full setups on there with loads of equipment used only once or twice because of the above
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