Teresa May's Open Letter to the cross-border citizens and its future implementation.

Found 19th Oct 2017Edited by:"splender"
This is it, on her own Facebook page.

This is not a Brexit moaning political thread, we had at least a year of this already, rather, this is an implementation pledge which readers may find useful promises or commitments. You will have to think about the words in her Open Letter in order to contribute here with knowledge of it.

I found some useful sentences, as well as many which are vague and need much more details and specificity obviously. I hope others find her Open Letter a good read for them and for their friends and relatives to share and discuss actions to take. (Read the letter and judge for yourselves instead of being brain washed by the media.)

Her Open Letter is obviously at a very high level, a view from 50,000 ft. For example: one bit of information out of many that I found useful for many, whom I know and who was/is very frustrated, is, "People applying will not have to account for every trip they have taken in and out of the UK and will no longer have to demonstrate Comprehensive Sickness Insurance as they currently have to under EU rules. " + "...We will keep the cost as low as possible – no more than the cost of a UK passport. "

Other than the effort, the cost was in £thousands, minimum around £2,000; the vagueness is cost of a UK passport, is this "passport" cost as for UK home citizen or cost for a foreigner which is 20 times more? How about its reciprocation presumably for UK citizens abroad, will "passport" cost be low for UK citizens abroad too? What about the language and citizenship requirement for "passport", it is not that easy nor fast to learn any of the langauges for many which are official langauges in the other 27 countries, such as Dutch and Flemish.
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