Terminator - Salvation

    Daughter took me to see it last night for my fathers day treat, said she had some goodies to eat and a special drink which she was carriying in one of those cola drink cups with a lid and a straw. So we got in th cinema and settled down to watch the film, and out come the treats .. proper mans treats ... a pork pie, crackers and Colmans Mustard seed Cheddar cheese anaaaaannnnddddd in the cola cup Boddingtons!!!!!!!! this together with watching the fourth Terminator ..... what a great Fathers day treat.


    Superb :thumbsup:

    now thats how it should be done, rep for your daughter :thumbsup:

    Barring the presence of a disposable bbq and the beer keg, fair play to the girl!

    lucky lad

    That is so sweet but had me in the sweats as I then thought it was tomorrow lol

    It was farthers day ? Hmm my Dad probaly remembered he had kids for a day.

    fathers day is a while off yet, nice treat thou but crap movie.

    fathers day is the 21st of june:thumbsup:

    yeh like i said not tomorrow, a while off, 8 days away yet.

    Original Poster

    Just cos you lot only get treated on the official Fathers Day:roll:

    Sounds Fab - what a lovely treat for you!

    I shall bear this in mind when DH and I go and see a manly flick.

    Was the flim any good?


    Sounds Fab - what a lovely treat for you!I shall bear this in mind when … Sounds Fab - what a lovely treat for you!I shall bear this in mind when DH and I go and see a manly flick.Was the flim any good?

    It's good, but I just got the feeling it could of been A LOT better, if you know what I mean...

    Just skipped parts way too quickly, they should of made it a 4 hour film, and they would of found that everyone who went to see TS would of watched through the whole thing, and been like "Wow best flick on the year"...

    Shame then - sometimes less is more - but obviously not in this case.

    Still the night out sounded lovely
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