terms of a 12month sim only contract

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i keep seeing people on here posting when deals come up that they phone up their current provider & threaten to leave unless they can match this new deal.
what i;m confused about it is, i know if you're on an phone contract (device & plan) then there is a cancellation/early exit fee.
I would have assumed that by tying into a 12 month sim only contract means your essentially stuck in it for 12 months & if you want to exit early you need to pay a cancellation fee?
so unless literally everyone who is posting her has been on a 30day rolling contract, i don't really understand how they can phone up & state they will leave wihtout incurring a penalty (that's probably so high it doesnt make it worth leaving).

anyone able to enlighten me?

Edit: also if anyone is able to let me know what the exit fees are on 12month simo contract for the various providers that would be helpful
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Think some providers will try and give you a better deal (and fix you on a new 12 month contract) if you threaten to leave after your current deal ends in a few months for example. But you're your right they don't need to and can just call your bluff
I don’t know about anyone else but a month back I wanted to leave Tesco mobile after being there 3 years and 10 months, 2 more months to go in my current contract that I wanted out of and they wanted £37.49 for an early termination fee for 2 months.

My monthly fee was £17.00 so I don’t know how they worked that amount out!

I got a couple of people asking me why I wanted to leave and just told them that I had enough of them and I was going, end of, and received a pac code whilst still talking to them.

I’m now on BT with that mobile phone.

I hope that may have helped you a little bit.
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