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Found 16th Apr 2013
Has anyone ever used this for there car,i know there are good reviews on their site,but i am wondering if it is as good as they say it is and have you used it yourself,thanks.

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Check the various reviews. This was top of the list searching on Google.

I just returned from Monster Sport Europe in Milton Keynes after getting my car Terracleaned and thought I would share my findings.

What's Terraclean?
For those who are unaware, this is a process of running a car with fuel that is so refined, it burns off any carbon deposits in the engine, including the O2 sensor and catalytic converter. I (like many others) first discovered the process watching Edd China on Wheeler Dealers (Jag XK8 episode), who gave the system a singing endorsement.

Why Monster Sport?
They are actually far further from me than my nearest garage that offered the service, but they were cheaper and far, far nicer to deal with. I wanted an emissions test before and after the service, so I could see the results, so they happily arranged for an MOT testing station around the corner from their site to test the car twice.

What Car?
I had my 1994 Vauxhall Cavalier Turbo done. It has covered 126k and spends most of its time locked in my garage doing nothing. I've noticed that over the past few years, it has been struggling to pass an MOT emissions test, so I thought I'd give Terraclean a try.

The 'Before' Test
Holy moly, was I lucky! When we arrived at the MOT station, my car decided it didn't like having coolant, so spewed it all out onto the pavement. While I was panicking, pacing and swearing, Nicky from Monster calmly diagnosed the fault to be the bottom radiator hose and refitted it using a borrowed trolley jack from the MOT testing station, even offering a few consolatory words while he was doing it.
During the test, white/blue smoke was bellowing from the exhaust and, true to recent form, my car failed pretty spectacularly. Hopefully, there will be a scan of my test reports below.

The 'Terraclean'
Nicky kindly agreed to give the cooling system a quick once over before he started the Terraclean service, just in case there was anything seriously wrong. Nothing was found, although one of the hoses had come off the turbo wastegate, which they found and fixed, rectifying a months-old problem I'd been having of the car cutting out while on boost.
The Terraclean machine looks a lot like an air con regassing machine and has two cans of cleaning agent that fit to the top. For my car, the larger cans were used. The machine is connected to the fuel system of the car, so the engine runs off the super-refined Terraclean fuel, rather than the fuel in the tank. The whole process took around an hour or so, but I wasn't timing.

After the Service
Taking the car for the second emissions test, Nicky drove. Partly because he knew his way around, and partly because he wanted to see if the boost issue had been sorted.
Even from the passenger seat (a very eerie experience - I never let people drive my car!) I could instantly hear the difference. It was running far, far smoother and quieter. The idle was notably better.
The test was done and, to my surprise, no more smoke out of the exhaust although I was positioned a little further away than the first time.
My first cue that something was out of the ordinary was that the MOT tester, upon leaving the car, ignored me completely and went directly over to Nicky and asked 'What did you do to it?'. Both of them were studying the two test reports. Feeling like a third wheel, I elbowed myself some space to take a look.
In all honesty, I was expecting it to pass - after all, the car had been MOT'd only a few months ago and it took some doing, but it eventually had passed the emissions test then. What I was not expecting was quite the margin by which it passed. It had previously failed on the CO levels, where the maximum permissible level is 0.300%. Mine was measured at 0.515%. After the test, this dropped dramatically to just 0.126%. All other measurements dropped too, with the exception of the CO2 levels, which rose slightly. The MOT tester was quick to point out that this was a sign of the improved combustion.

Was the Difference Noticeable When Driving?
Boy, was it! The most remarkable difference was the fuel computer, which was reading around 27 mpg on the way to Milton Keynes, was now reading 35 mpg on the way back (and I was much heavier with my right foot on the return journey). The car is far smoother and quieter and has regained oodles of the torque it had lost over the 13 years I've owned it.
As the ECU worked out that it was connected to a more efficient engine, it improved the feel of the car as the journey went on. By the time I reached home, I didn't want to stop. I haven't felt like that in many years.

In short, it feels like having my car Terracleaned took ten years off my engine and I cannot thank the guys at Monster Sport Europe enough. Aside from the astonishing effects of the service, Nicky and Andrew couldn't have been nicer and helped me out of a sticky problem when it arose. I guess the best endorsement I can make is to say that I will definitely return when I need other work done - even if it's a 90min drive away.

Best £84 I've ever spent.

I just wanted to point out that I am not affiliated with either Terraclean, or Monster Sport Europe. I'm just a really happy customer!
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