Terratech Kickstarter

    just seen this new game on kickstarter…rch

    Seems like a quirky games i've love to have a bash so i've donated what do you guys think?


    Looks kinda fun, but not for £15. Looks more like a couple of quid indie game =/

    Original Poster

    bet it would drop down on a steam sale for a couple of quid.
    but think i just want to mainly see it get made -_- o well make it up on next steam sale

    sadly... the indie games are ruining gaming.. there are just too many, of poor quality that are hitting market c/o steam and kickstarter.
    I hope someone at some point starts doing some quality control.

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    true there is alot of rubbish to go through to find a good one but makes it feel 2 me how it should be

    when internet first came out you would spend all your time searching now we expect 1st results to be the best.

    but Steam need to update their store to make navigation much more friendly
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